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Top Eco Friendly Living Tips

There are very few people who care so much for the nature at a young age. If you are raised by your parents in a way that you spend more time dealing outdoors, then you are lucky. These days when young kids are being introduced to technology as early as possible, it is really a challenge to train your kids to get more involved to nature. It may me difficult, specially if you yourself admit that you do not have that eco-friendly passion, but it is never too late. In this article, you will get to know some of the top eco-friendly living tips that your family can use to begin with.

Eco Friendly Tips

Your Home

It all starts in your home. Use materials that would last for a long time such as wood. Also try recycling products like plastic bottles by making them as a decoration. For your home garbage, make sure to segregate those that can be used or not. If you do have a backyard, making a pit for biodegradable trash is better. By starting in your home, you and your family will be reminded that you are trying to help the nature.


Plastics bags are often used to seal a purchase, but there are several towns that follow a “non-plastic purchases” wherein shoppers will be given a paper bag or will be required to bring their own shopping bags. This is a way to lessen the plastic usage, given the fact that plastic materials should not be reproduced. It also prevents the damage that plastic may cause when burned. So instead of complaining why you need to bring your own bags, think of how plastic prevention can save your planet first.

Choosing your Food

A little gardening will not only help you in saving money, but also in starting a healthy lifestyle. Isn’t it nice to just pick the ingredients of your menu for today at your yard than drive to the supermarket back and forth just to get potatoes? Aside from saving time, effort and fuel, you will get to eat fresh vegetables too. If putting up a small farm is not possible, then start choosing organic goods when doing grocery shopping rather than stocking on food preservatives.


While fashion statements do not last for a very long time, there is always a way to save the planet even if you keep purchasing the latest fashion trends. Hand me downs are always appreciated, specially if you have a huge family. This could also teach the younger ones that money is hard earned, so if they do not want hand me downs forever, they needed to start saving up at an early age.


Eco-friendly cars are now out on the market but they are quite expensive. If you own a car, go with the type of gas that does not produce too much smoke. Or better yet, ride a bicycle or take a walk. You are not required to do it everyday, specially if you are running late for work, but walking and bicycling could also help you strengthen your body if you will do it once in a while.